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"Can there ever be a humane way of doing business?"


Today I can say yes and, I would add, one can do business by discovering the infinite pleasure and power of a consciousness freed from oppression, from unawareness, which at that point rejoins its universal nature.

This will not be one of the countless spiritual books that invade bookstores, but a text that will also reveal its more technical aspects of management, but that will put the human being first, transforming management control techniques into tools for personal growth in the exercise of one's profession. The human being is seen here as the fundamental ingredient from which everything begins; This book is therefore dedicated to anyone who has a job, regardless of the role he plays in the company.

The emphasis and precedence that will be placed here on people, will be different from the topics on human resource management, because they are not oriented to psychology issues, subjects the prerogative of other professionals.

I just must wish you good reading, thanking you for the time you will dedicate to my thoughts.

ENTERPRISE: a matter of Frequencies and Numbers


    127 pages

    pdf document

    Self-publishing property of Mirty International Ltd. Reproduction by any method prohibited.

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