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GROSS REVENUE: 600.000 $
CODE #MFUSA8-10-005
The space itself is 400 sqft. Additional 250 sqft finished basement. Additional 200 sqft permanent outdoor dining structure fully outfitted with heat. About another 150 sqft of sidewalk space for seating part of the year. Able to seat roughly 20-25 patrons these days. The electrical infrastructure of the space, as well as the kitchen had a major upgrade at the end of 2020 with a couple of additional upgrades to the kitchen as recent as April 2021. We own all of our equipment. No equipment is leased. All facilities are in great condition and up to code.
High volume Mediterranean Cafe by Prospect Park has seen a tremendous boost in business in 2020. 'COVID-safe' in that it was able to operate without closing for a day and while maintaining city guidelines for safe operations.

Owner has made several upgrades to the business including an electrical upgrade and upgraded the majority of the kitchen equipment in December 2020. A permanent outdoor dining structure fully outfitted with heat was built in January 2021 and additional kitchen upgrades as recent as April 2021.

Owner has been able to boost staff efficency and capacity of the location as it grows by limiting all ordering to online ordering. Thereby also streamlining the customer and dining experience.

The vast majority of the kitchen staff has been with the Owner for 3-8 years (from another location).

Owner is planning to re-locate overseas and sell the entire operation with existing staff.