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General information and rules:

1) In compliance with the confidentiality required in M&A, only the most basic and essential data of the deal are required.

2) Your name, surname, mail address and mobile phone will not be published: potential counterparties will notify us of their request to be contacted and we will forward their communications to you.

3) Your sensible data will be kept by us only for this purpose and will be never seen, sold or used by third parties.

4) This service is free of charges.

5) Please do not upload the same deal more than one time. The double ones will be cancelled.

6) Just in case you have a huge quantity of deals to be published, please send us them on an excel file, respecting all the information required on the form.

7) We will code all deals received.

8) Your deals will remain visible for 6 months.

9) It will take us no more than 3 days to add your deals in the Deal List.

10) We reserve the right to contact you for possible clarifications if needed.

11) There are no commissions or compensation deriving from the closing of deals where Mirty International Ltd has not been operationally involved. 

12) Mirty International Ltd simply informs you of the receipt of contact requests relating to one or more deals published by you. If Mirty International Ltd is asked to intervene directly in the negotiation of a deal published here, a regular mandate will be drawn up in advance, mentioning the collaboration and economic conditions.

13) Mirty International Ltd is not responsible for the truthfulness of what is published, nor for the reliability of the players who will use this service.

Direct or on mandate?


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