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Milan is the city where our team works.
Only strictly selected partners
are at your disposal,
granting the widest range of skills
required in our specializations:

Corporate Legal
Mergers & Acquisitions

Joint Ventures
Patents Incomes
Process Analysis
Performance Analysis


A company acquires another for various reasons: it buys a market share (by clientele, geographical position, channel, product range), or a production structure, a financial advantage, etc.

Mirty Finance, after an in-depth analysis of your reality, assists you both in the acquisition of an idea, but also in the sale on the market of your own company. In both cases, these are extremely delicate operations to be carried out exclusively with expert advisors.


Two or more companies enter into a joint venture agreement for a specific or indefinite period. The aim is to work together for one or more common goals, joining forces.

This is another example of a growth path for the company. Through this choice we discover the great opportunities that the market offers when we give up to operate in the closure to the outside.

Mirty Finance, through an in-depth analysis of your reality, can suggest the joint venture that is right for you and assist you in identifying the ideal partners, signing agreements and drawing up strategic and operational plans.


Too many companies are focused on the product, especially start-ups. Instead, the gaze must be turned to the market to define an ideal customer profile, define the ideal channel to reach that type of customer, analyze the competition and understand one's ideal position in the market.

Mirty Finance, analyzes your offer range but above all the general context of your company without neglecting any discipline; then prepare a suitable and reasonable business model to initiate or improve sales.


Ownership of a patent is a very important asset for a company. It is necessary to be sure that we have a real and effective exploitation of our patents in progress. Often it is not enough to exploit it internally in your company, so its profitability is decidedly limited and dependent on the commercial strength of the company. If, on the contrary, we analyze the two scenarios, that of the granting of licenses, or the sale, we can open up a world of enormous satisfactions.


Mirty Finance is able to carry out these studies and, where necessary, prepare a commercial development plan for your patent, recruit the ideal partners to contact and draw up the necessary agreements.


Every activity that takes place within your company is a flow of operations, a flow of documents and internal and external communications. Time passes, the company grows, but everyday life does not allow us to stop to understand if the way of working in progress is still suitable. This type of analysis must be delegated to external and expert figures, who, without stopping the company, observe, detect data and make changes with the right gradualness. 

Mirty Finance can give you this service, without any production sector limit. By doing so, the company's performance increases and the quality of professional life as a result.


A company can be measured in many different ways, it depends on the point of view. In most cases we talk about turnover, but we all know that the company thrives on margins, not just sales.

Mirty Finance analyzes all the performance of your company and the intervention can go to great depth by improving, for example, the product range, internal production and decision-making processes, implementing weak areas, refining the financial logic. The results are seen as soon as the performance improvement plans highlighted as poor or insufficient are implemented.


Negotiation assisted by external advisors is often a little used weapon, perhaps because its advantages are not fully known. Negotiation takes place in every moment of our life, therefore also in the profession. Sometimes we don't even notice.

The external advisor becomes essential when the negotiation concerns a special agreement with a client, an internal or external dispute to be resolved, a problem with a supplier, a negotiation in a new sector or with a company much larger than yours, a negotiation in a foreign market whose culture you do not know.


Mirty Finance thanks to a knowledge of negotiation psychology, financial and commercial strategies and thanks to its purely international experience, can be at your side to help you achieve the best goal you promised yourself.


The search for customers is left to your commercial organization, as it should be. But external advisors can also be a strategic partner.

Mirty Finance can bring you clients and usually does it by looking for clients of a certain size. We are therefore talking about important chords in terms of volume and value. Our role should not be confused with that of salesmen or agents. Basically we close special contracts, which sometimes require complex negotiations and certainly always detailed contracts.

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